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I became a professional writer when I was a 19-year-old college kid and sold my first TV script to NBC's Emmy-winning animated Star Trek series in 1974. Whether you're interested in historical fiction, science fiction, baseball, or dogs, I hope you'll find something that you (or someone you love) might like among the books I've written since then.

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Galloway's Gamble 2: Lucifer & the Great Baltimore Brawl

After their friends are swindled out of a champion racehorse by devious rival Cortland Van Brunt III in a fog-shrouded San Francisco sprint, endearingly argumentative poker-playing brothers Jamey and Jake Galloway lead the gang on a snakebit transcontinental quest: Can they reach Baltimore in time for a desperate long-shot bid to win back prized stallion Phoenix in a grudge-match race at Pimlico?

Galloway's Gamble

A fun coming-of-age story about Jamey and Jake Galloway, two young brothers who seek their fortune as gamblers after the Civil War--and have to cook up a scheme to outfox the ruthless cattle baron and shady banker bent on destroying their Texas hometown...without getting themselves killed! Inspired by high-spirited classics like MaverickButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and The Sting.

Puppy Kisses are Good for the Soul

True story of my first dog, a clever and charming Welsh Corgi puppy named Mail Order Annie, and how Annie’s life lessons inspired me to become a dog trainer. A truly universal dog book to help dog owners get the most joy from life with a great dog, straight from Annie's heart to yours!

STAR TREK: Mere Anarchy

Six novels in one big book—written by seven favorite Star Trek storytellers! When a rogue pulsar sweeps through Mestiko’s star system, and the planet is devastated despite Starfleet’s best efforts, Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise crew begin their

30-year effort to help the Mestikans rebuild their shattered world…an epic saga of one legendary crew's career-long relationship to one world, and the ties that bind them inextricably together through hardship and strife, love and death. Mere Anarchy is a Star Trek milestone.

STAR TREK: The Covenant of the Crown

Spock and McCoy accompany Kailyn, the reluctant young heir to her planet’s throne, on a coming-of-age quest to retrieve the mystical Shaddan crown, and prove that Kailyn is a worthy successor to her dead father. Standing in their way—a violent space storm, a crash landing on a barren planet, primitive hunters…and a determined band of Klingons bound for conquest.   

STAR TREK: Deep Domain

After Spock and Chekov disappear on a routine diplomatic mission to the water-world of Akkalla, Admiral Kirk confronts a corrupt government clinging to power in the face of shattering revelations about the planet’s history and lifeforms. A Federation science outpost and Akkallan freedom fighters uncover ancient secrets hidden beneath the planet's deep, dark oceans—secrets which could trigger civil war, and endanger the Enterprise crew.

STAR TREK: The Better Man
On the planet Nova Empyrea, an isolationist colony of genetically-perfected humans  where Dr. McCoy was once stationed, he finds himself embroiled in a diplomatic crisis with Federation ambassador Mark Rousseau, a former best friend turned bitter rival. When Empyrean leader Elizabeth March reveals to McCoy that their long-ago love affair resulted in the birth of a now-grown daughter he never knew, McCoy must figure out a way to save his new-found but genetically-imperfect offspring from banishment…or even execution.

On emergency famine-relief mission to the planet Thiopa—the Federation's only ally in a crucial sector of space—Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew confront a brutal dictatorship more concerned with preserving its power than protecting its citizens, or their world.

For three centuries, the populations of planets Alaj and Etolos have been bitter enemies. When disasters strike both worlds, each becomes the other's only hope for survival. With time running out, Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew are sent to negotiate peaceful cooperation and begin rescue efforts. But opposition factions weave a web of intrigue and terrorism, culminating in an act of ultimate revenge that could bring about the destruction of two worlds—and the Enterprise.


On a routine survey mission to Domarus IV—a world with no intelligent life—an Enterprise shuttle crewed by Data, Troi and Wesley Crusher is captured by a race called the Tenirans, who claim the planet for themselves. As Captain Picard tries to negotiate with the Teniran commander, both captains disappear—only to find themselves marooned on the planet, confronted by an incredible alien force with the power to transform a world…or destroy it.

Growing up as a young baseball fan, I idolized New York Yankees slugger Mickey Mantle (as did comedian Billy Crystal and NBC Sports reporter Bob Costas). Though  Mantle proved to be a flawed hero, failing to set a good example for most of his life, he showed true courage when it came time to face death. An honest account of one of baseball’s most feared hitters (complete with many photos and statistics)—perfect for young fans interested in baseball history.

STAR TREK: Tales of the Dominion War
A dozen short stories set during the Dominion War era seen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—one of the most exciting periods in Star Trek history. But in these stories, with characters from the whole Star Trek universe, heroes including Sisko, Picard, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Kira, and many more are brought together in tales written by many favorite Star Trek authors. My story—Safe Harbors—features elderly Dr. McCoy and Scotty still serving Starfleet, and it’s inspired by the fight against terrorism in our own time.

STAR TREK: Constellations
A collection of 40th anniversary short stories, boldly going where no anthology has gone before, written by an assortment of experienced Star Trek authors eager to delve into the relationships and adventures of the entire Enterprise crew, those iconic characters who’ve intrigued fans ever since the original series ended. Each tale is inspired by an element of unfinished business from the original Star Trek series—like discovering a dozen lost episodes you’ve never seen before!

STAR TREK ARCHIVES: The Gary Seven Collection
Collecting four issues of the fan-favorite Star Trek comic books released by DC Comics in the 1990s, written by Howard Weinstein and Michael Jan Friedman, IDW’s Star Trek: Archives: The Gary Seven Collection explores the continued adventures of alien-agent-on-Earth Gary Seven, first seen in the 1968 Star Trek episode “Assignment: Earth.”

STAR TREK: Tests of Courage
In this graphic-novel tale of Hikaru Sulu’s first mission as newly promoted captain of the USS Excelsior, he and his crew join forces with Captain Kirk and the Enterprise to solve the mystery of a vanished cache of dangerous alien weaponry. Featuring an introduction by Captain Sulu himself, my old friend, actor-writer-activist George Takei.

STAR TREK: Revisitations

A special graphic-novel edition combining two big stories from DC Comics' Star Trek series, featuring popular guest characters from the original TV show. First, when con man Harry Mudd runs afoul of the lethal alien Nasgul, only Captain Kirk can rescue him and prevent interplanetary war. Then enigmatic agent Gary Seven turns up to warn Kirk and Spock against testing a new protomatter weapon, and they unravel the mysterious Mr. Seven’s secrets at last. Featuring an introduction by “Trouble with Tribbles” writer David Gerrold.

V: East Coast Crisis

The Visitors came from their dying world with a peaceful gift of great knowledge— but their dark purpose soon emerged to crush the promise. Based on the hit 1980s NBC-TV mini-series V, this original spin-off novel tells the story of America’s east coast resistance. I teamed up with my bestselling friend A.C. Crispin to create a new cast of characters who struggle to save Earth from reptilian conquerors posing as friends.

V: Prisoners and Pawns

When a daring desert resistance raid reclaims key human prisoners, Visitor Commander Diana blames her security chief, Lydia. Lydia plans vengeance, intending to capture resistance heroes Mike Donovan and Ham Tyler. Within the resistance, trusted friends may be collaborating with the alien invaders. An original novel based on the hit NBC-TV series.

V: Path to Conquest

Evil reptilian Commander Diana and the invading Visitors launch their master plan to smash the resistance—a scheme to alter the Earth’s weather and bring on early, crushing winter…and destroy the world’s oil, lifeblood of the war effort and crucial to a freezing planet’s survival. From the icy North Atlantic, to the streets of New York, to the sands of the Middle East, V: EAST COAST CRISIS resistance fighters Dr. Pete Forsythe and diplomat Lauren Stewart race to stop the alien plot!

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