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Here are some print, video and podcast interviews I've done over the years, some magazine and  newspaper articles I've written on various subjects -- and a bonus Corgi video. Enjoy!

MBL Entertainment's Marc Knows Everybody Show - Host and convention mainstay Marc B. Lee invited me to join him on his YouTube Channel interview series, along with writer pals Bob Greenberger and Michael Jan Friedman, to chat about all things Star Trek and my new novel Galloway's Gamble 2: Lucifer & the Great Baltimore Brawl - August 26, 2023

Voices of the West - Video interview via Zoom I did with Kevin Diamond of Dusty Saddle Publishing's YouTube channel. A fun, wide-ranging conversation from how Star Trek gave me my start as a writer to my newest historical/Western novel Galloway's Gamble 2: Lucifer & the Great Baltimore Brawl - August 7, 2023

Enterprise Incidents - I joined popular Star Trek podcast co-hosts Scott Mantz and Steve

Morris to chat about my animated episode, "The Pirates of Orion," giving it the deep-dive analysis with which they review every Star Trek episode. Fresh perspectives, personal recollections and fascinating trivia. Listen on Apple, Spotify and other favorite podcast providers, or on YouTube - June 11, 2023

Baltimore Sun - Interview with me and writer pals Steve Wilson, Bob Greenberger, and Dave Galanter leading up to our group Authors Showcase appearance at the Howard County Library in Columbia, MD - May 4, 2014

Captain's Table Podcast - A lengthy, fun chat I had about all things STAR TREK with co-founder Michael Clark - November 24, 2013 

Star Trek/The Official Magazine - "Wet Actors, Whales & Storms...Oh, My!" - Retrospective photo feature article on my fascinating 1986 visit to the sets during the making of STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME - Jan/Feb 2012 online interview - "On Pirates, Puppies and More" - March 11, 2011

Star Trek/The Official Magazine - "Eye of the Beholder" - Guest column I wrote on welcoming a new STAR TREK fan to the club - April/May 2009

Cute Corgi Commercial!  This video is a local TV commercial I co-wrote/directed/produced some years ago, featuring our adorable little Welsh Corgi Mickey.  We were very proud of how hard she worked that day -- and how much fun we had with her. Note her dramatic “there’s no doggie hiding behind the curtain” scene. . .

New York Times - To Norm Sherry, Wherever You Are - A baseball fan's memories of a simpler time and a lost childhood souvenir - March 26, 2000 

Starlog Magazine - An article I did on How to Write STAR TREK Comics - November 1991

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