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Here are some print and podcast interviews I've done over the years, some magazine and  newspaper articles I've written on various subjects -- and a bonus Corgi video. Enjoy!

Voices of the West - Video interview via Zoom I did with Kevin Diamond of Dusty Saddle Publishing's YouTube channel. A fun, wide-ranging conversation from how Star Trek gave me my start as a writer to my newest historical/Western novel Galloway's Gamble 2: Lucifer & the Great Baltimore Brawl - August 7, 2023

Enterprise Incidents - I joined popular Star Trek podcast co-hosts Scott Mantz and Steve

Morris to chat about my animated episode, "The Pirates of Orion," giving it the deep-dive analysis with which they review every Star Trek episode. Fresh perspectives, personal recollections and fascinating trivia. Listen on Apple, Spotify and other favorite podcast providers, or on YouTube - June 11, 2023

Baltimore Sun - Interview with me and writer pals Steve Wilson, Bob Greenberger, and Dave Galanter leading up to our group Authors Showcase appearance at the Howard County Library in Columbia, MD - May 4, 2014

Captain's Table Podcast - A lengthy, fun chat I had about all things STAR TREK with co-founder Michael Clark - November 24, 2013 

Star Trek/The Official Magazine - "Wet Actors, Whales & Storms...Oh, My!" - Retrospective photo feature article on my fascinating 1986 visit to the sets during the making of STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME - Jan/Feb 2012 online interview - "On Pirates, Puppies and More" - March 11, 2011

Star Trek/The Official Magazine - "Eye of the Beholder" - Guest column I wrote on welcoming a new STAR TREK fan to the club - April/May 2009

Cute Corgi Commercial!  This video is a local TV commercial I co-wrote/directed/produced some years ago, featuring our adorable little Welsh Corgi Mickey.  We were very proud of how hard she worked that day -- and how much fun we had with her. Note her dramatic “there’s no doggie hiding behind the curtain” scene. . .

New York Times - To Norm Sherry, Wherever You Are - A baseball fan's memories of a simpler time and a lost childhood souvenir - March 26, 2000 

Starlog Magazine - An article I did on How to Write STAR TREK Comics - November 1991

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